About Us

Who We Are

My Safety Tech Inc. is the brainchild of Redflag Technologies, LLC., a Houston, TX based IT company. Our products, My Safety Net and My Health Net apps are the culmination of many months of design, thousands of hours of staff coding, and countless late nights at the blackboard. We are proud to release a socially responsible app with the goal to prevent and deter crime and assuring personal safety. Our goal when creating this app was to find a way to keep our wives, children and parents safe. We ultimately ended up with an app that not only keeps everyone safe, but will assist law enforcement and emergency services agencies worldwide in making communities safer. Additionally, with our Health Net solution our goal is to save millions of lives (annually) around the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a known presence in communities throughout the world and a deterrent of crime as well as mean by which to provide immediate help in any emergency situation; our solutions are designed to produce help from multiple points of contact, thereby minimizing danger. Rapid response times for getting needed help, maximizes the possibility of a positive outcome. We provide immediate and comprehensive safety help to everyone on the planet in the quest to saves lives!